10 Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Yogi Life

Here are 10 significant but small lifestyle changes that you should make to stay healthy as Yogis

1. Timeliness

Everything follows a set schedule in this universe, sunrises, and sunsets at the same time daily, seasons have a specific schedule.Lifestyle changes

Do you think we also follow a set schedule in our daily life? Yes, right!

We should also follow a schedule in our lives,

  • Get up before the sun rises and follow the same timing on the regular basis.
  • you must decide on the specific timing for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Go to bed early and follow the same timing on the regular basis. (don’t forget to pray)

2. Chew Well

You must chew your food until its liquidated. the basic idea behind chewing food is that your saliva should be mixed well with the food, which helps intestine to digest the food quickly.Lifestyle changes

There is a popular saying among yogi, “Drink food, eat water”.

It means chew your food so much that it almost becomes fluid before getting into your stomach and drink water so slowly that it almost like eating something.

Take your time to touch, smell, feel and taste your food. It will maximize your experience on the dining table.

Involve as many sense as possible in tasting the food and you will feel zenith of new flavors in your regular food.

3. Do not drink water immediately after food

Drinking water immediately after food leads to slow digestions as it slows down the process by diluting essential acids in the gut required for food digestion.

If unable to control thirst then drink lukewarm water. Cold water after food is a big no-no.

4. Meditate daily

Meditation ( ध्यान  ) is not the luxury of life but it is the essence of life. Make a regular habit to meditate and go within to connect with inner self.Power of om

Don’t worry if you are not proficient in meditation. Just try to sit quietly with eyes closed and repeat the sound of OM which is also the sound of the universe.

Do it regularly you will experience greater mindfulness throughout your day.


5. Don’t eat more than 3 times

If you keep munching the whole day, your digestive system will be at work the entire day, Give rest to your stomach by eating at the fixed and limited number of times. You will feel the difference only in few days with better metabolism and efficient working of kidneys and liver.

6. Avoid Salt intake with MilkLifestyle changes

You should always avoid salt intake with Milk, this is injurious to your health and can cause skin diseases like Leucoderma.

In yoga sutras, milk and salt are considered as विरुद्ध आहार (incompatible food). Food, those should not be consumed together to avoid any health issues.

7. Avoid excess white sugar

As per Ayurveda, white sugar cause health issues and it should be replaced with natural alternates like Jaggery, or Honey.

Rigveda suggests Honey is sweet and warm in nature, has the benefit of ‘reducing fat’ from the body, and it lower Vata and Kapha while increasing Pitta. Jaggery is also sweet but cooling, has a weight gaining, strengthening effect on the body, also lower Vata but increasing Pitta and Kapha in the body. On the other side, White sugar is sweet, heating in nature, and aggravating all of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in the body.

8. Include natural and high fiber food in your dietLifestyle Changes

Include more and more raw food like green salads and fruits in your diet, it helps in digestion and is full of natural nutrients.

Salads have high dietary fiber which makes feel full and happy. It will also help in reducing your calorie intake.

Wash your raw food properly to remove any pesticides or germs from the surface.

9. Drink water while Sitting

According to the Ayurveda, by drinking water down quickly we didn’t allow our body to absorb the great benefits from water which is essential for replenishing the system. While standing water gushes down at a greater speed in the stomach compared to sitting position.

For the same reason drink water slowly while sitting as well. As said earlier “Drink food and eat water“.

Ayurveda suggests, you should always drink water while you are seating otherwise, it may cause knee and joint pain.

10. Include Pranayam and Yogasana in your daily routine

Have a daily practice of 15 mins of Kapalbhati and 15 mins of Anulom Vilom divided into 6 reps of 5 mins each. You will experience great health benefits in a few days.

If you make these lifestyle changes, you will be a step closer to attain a yogi health.

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