Quick introduction to Bhastrika (Bellows Breath)

Bhastrika is a fast, active exhalation and inhalation. Also known as bellows breath. You will feel your belly quickly pumping in and out as the abdominal muscles engage to assist you with this Pranayama. Take a deep breath in and exhale out forcefully through the nose. Try not to expand the chest or raise the shoulders. There should be no discomfort to the body.  After practicing one round inhale through the right nostril slowly and then exhale through the left nostril. One can gradually increase the speed as one gets comfortable with this Pranayama.  (40-50 exhalations/30 seconds)

Benefits of Bhastrika

Warms up the body.

Helpful in burning fat

Practice is perfect for cleaning blood

Accelerates the digestion.

Tones stomach related framework.

Eliminates any blockage in Lungs.

Offers back rub to the chest region.

Enhances flow to the heart.

Balances the sensory system.

Balances doshas.

Gives vitality.

On the off chance that there is the feeling of faintness, unsteadiness, unreasonable sweat or a spewing sensation it Should be stopped quickly. One should develop gradually with ‘bhastrika’ as it is an intense and dynamic practice. One should not perform Bhastrika, if there is excessively warm in the body, coronary illness, late stomach medical procedure, stroke, eye issues, epilepsy, ulcer, corrosives, cerebral pain, vertigo or monthly cycle.

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